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I want this blog to be movie reviews, but since I am broke college student, and can't go and spend money on a new release twice a week I am expanding these reviews to review a plethora of movies. Too many people don't watch a variety of movies. There is so much more out there than the average Hollywood blockbuster, even bad movies are better then big budget flicks only out there for the money. So I will explore the understated movies: classics, foreign films, notoriously bad movies that tried, and others, for those of you who want to expand your movie watching range. And I will try to make these posts not sound too pretentious and film snobby, because I don't know enough to justify being a know it all.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Easy A

    Easy A is a story of young Olive Penderghast played by, my lesbian crush, Emma Stone. Olive lies about losing her virginity, and the school's head overly Christian girl, Amanda Bynes, hears the lie, and then spreads vicious rumors that, Olive, is, in layman's terms, a skank, because the guy she lost it to was in college (gasp!) Olive goes with it, because she likes the attention, and then chaos ensues from there. In the end she lives happily ever after, and we learn a valuable life lesson, so don't fret girlies. I say girlies because this movie looks like a chick flick, but I went with two guys and they laughed more than 12 times, so a dollar a laugh means your ticket was not wasted men.
    However, underneath it's chick flick exterior Easy A has likable things for all. Girls (and I am totally stereotyping here, but it is for the sake of the review. I in know way think that this is the only reason the stereotypes will like this movie) there is a really cute love story in it, and it makes a reference to all those 80's movies we love so much. Boys, Emma Stone is freaking hot and wears school appropriate lingerie for most of the movie, so you can ogle (without your date noticing please,) but also laugh because she is super funny. Film people/Intelligent people who think that this movie isn't their type, the script is really smart and witty, because I know I was laughing when others weren't since I got the smart humor, and Emma Stone steps it up even more acting wise than in Zombielad. Also there was some really cool shots, like one that is a continuous shot following the rumor spreading in fast motion around the whole school, I geeked out. Also the opening credits were cool, but only I notice cool things like that.
    One of my favorite parts of the movie was a scene where the Penderghast family are all eating breakfast, and Olive's adopted brother exclaims something about not being related so it doesn't' affect him, and Olive's father exclaims, "Who told you you were adopted?" It doesn't sound funny on paper, but her brother is black, so it's kinda obvious he is adopted. But what I loved most about it, was that the script was refreshingly original in a world of remakes and the never ending Saw series. I mean, yes it was loosely based off of the Scarlett Letter, but there were many refreshing new splashes thrown in. For instance a large portion of the movie is told via webcam by Olive with lots of voice over in between, and it really helps understand her character, and her motives, instead of being left guessing. Also Olive wasn't some dumb bimbo waiting for Prince Charming, she was a sharp tongued ball of sass that wasn't about to be pushed around by any foolish boys. Lastly it was refreshing to see the "if a guy sleeps with lots of girls he's a stud, but if a girl sleeps with a lot of guys she's a slut" double standard blatantly out there for all to see.
    Of course no movie is perfect, I heard some people complain about it being too long, and true it did drag a little in a few parts, but come on even The Hangover didn't have you laughing all 90 minutes. Also the "making fun of Christians who shove their religion down your throat" jokes were excessive, like even people who enjoy laughing at "Jesus Freaks" told me so, because there is a unnecessary subplot that makes the Christians look like hypocrites and although it is kinda funny, it seems under explained so it falls flat.
    I decided to not care about word count and if you actually read all of this I applaud you! All and all I say Easy A is worth seeing, it may not change the history of cinema, or beat Avatar for the highest grossing movie ever, but it will make you laugh and feel all warm and fuzzy inside, and deep down isn't that what we all want? I give it an A-.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Town

 “The right thing is really the difficult thing to do because it has consequences that are unpleasant often times. Otherwise, everyone would do it,”- Ben Affleck

     I did not know that this movie was directed by Ben Affleck until the end credits rolled, and I was shocked. That meant he also directed Gone Baby Gone, which I love. I don't know why I hadn't put two and two together, but now that I have seen the movie and know he directed it, I like it even more. The Town is about Doug MacRay (Ben Affleck) and how his life of crime is turned upside down when he falls in love with Claire (Rebecca Hall,) who isn't from Charlestown; his home/prision. He tries to leave his life of crime, but it isn't easy with his best friend Jem (Jeremy Renner), his ex-girlfriend Krista (Blake Lively), an asshole FBI agent (Jon Hamm), and his mafia-esque boss, Fergie (Pete Postlethwaite) in the way.
    The screenplay is based on the novel, The Prince of Thieves by Chuck Hogan, and, although the idea isn't an all too original one, it is made great by the directing and acting that takes place. First of all you know a movie is achieving it's goal if you sympathize with the bad guys, like how in Silence of the Lambs you like Hannibal Lecter. I digress, with bad acting and directing, these characters could have seemed two dimensional and average; just another movie about robbers. Boring! But instead the subtle acting makes the characters come alive as you learn their back stories, and why they act the way they do. For instance you learn that Jem killed someone to save Doug, and served nine years in prison for it. So, when Doug tells Jem he is leaving Charlestown you sympathize with Jem, because his best friend is leaving after all he did for him. Also, I applaud Ben Affleck for being able to make Blake Lively, who is most well known for being on Gossip Girl, look like a cracked out super skank.
     I have very few complaints about this movie; the only ones I can think of are that their Boston accents were hard to understand at times which made me miss important information, and that towards the end the movie was a bit too "shoot em up" heavy.
Since I am way over 200 words I shall end with this, Ben Affleck is going to become a great director. He is following in the footsteps of, my favorite director, Clint Eastwood, and, like a good autuer, he has put in similar themes of making hard choices in both of his movies
, ergo I am looking very forward to what he has in store. Go see The Town! I give it a solid A, since it's not perfect, but close enough.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


      Before I begin writing any actual reviews I should tell you about myself and my taste in movies, so that if you disagree with one of my future reviews you can come back and see why I believe what I believe. So, we shall begin with the ever needed back story as to why I love movies.
      At the ripe age of eleven I saw the movie Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, and thought to myself that if movies as great as this could be made, then I needed to be a part of it. Fast forward seven years, and here I am; with five years of film/video experience under my belt, in college, and ready to begin my journey to making real movies.
      Now in my years of learning about movies I have developed some likes and dislikes, and here are the most important ones. My top ten favorite movies go a little something like this: Lord of the Rings, A Clockwork Orange, Up in the Air, The Hours, Scream, Mystic River, Fantasitic Mr. Fox, Juno, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and Psycho. Although that is always subject to change based on my lack of memory, and my watching of new movies, you now have an idea as to what I like. One thing I'll tell you out right is that I love movies that have an interesting story and developed characters. I also appreciate cinematography, editing and special effects, but deep down I love writing screenplays and acting the most which influences my likes. My favorite genre of movies are dark comedies, and regular comedies in general. My least favorite are horror movies, so I don't watch them really, and the only reason I love Scream is, because, it is a horror movie making fun of other horror movies. 
     I feel like I have wasted a blog with this, but, oh well, I'm just doing my civil duty to you as the reader. And now we can get to the good stuff. Let the reviews begin!