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I want this blog to be movie reviews, but since I am broke college student, and can't go and spend money on a new release twice a week I am expanding these reviews to review a plethora of movies. Too many people don't watch a variety of movies. There is so much more out there than the average Hollywood blockbuster, even bad movies are better then big budget flicks only out there for the money. So I will explore the understated movies: classics, foreign films, notoriously bad movies that tried, and others, for those of you who want to expand your movie watching range. And I will try to make these posts not sound too pretentious and film snobby, because I don't know enough to justify being a know it all.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Harold and Maude

     I am starting not to like Roger Ebert's reviews, he gave this movie one and a half stars, but I however am going to tell you my reader that it gets an A+. I do not see what Roger Ebert has against this movie, his review doesn't even say what he doesn't like about it either; what happened is his girlfriend probably broke up with him the week he wrote that review in 1972. However you are not here to hear me complain about Roger Ebert, but to hear my review of the cult comedy Harold and Maude.
     First off, this movie is a dark comedy, which is, and is even more now, my favorite genre of movies. If you do not know what a dark comedy is, it finds comedy in things that are usually not considered to be funny, like death, suicide, war, racism, etc. For instance one of my favorite examples of dark comedy from this movie is the scene where Harold preforms the samuri ritual suicide for his date. He stages his own death multiple times throughout the movie, and everytime is funny. I realize I have not sumarized this movie so I will now before I say much else. Harlod is a young man who is obsessed with death. He visits funerals for fun, and he stage suicides all the time for his mother's attention. His mother however is unphased and unamused. Harold meets Maude, a seventy nine year old woman who too visits funerals for fun, but she does it to celebrate life. She is the ying to Harold's yang(or visa versa I am not quite sure.) Anyways they become friends and Maude teaches Harold how to live. It's quite lovely.
     The acting in this movie is great and the story is what got me the most. Harold and Maude fall in love, which I used to think was gross before I saw this movie, but when I was watching it i was cheering for them, because they are so perfect for each other in a weird way. I think more than anything I wanted Harold to be happy, because he is one messed up kid, but Maude fixed him. The comedy of this movie is very subtle, and I love it. It is so elegantly just there for you to notice, and quitely laugh at. I am sure if I watch it again I will see more to laugh at. All in all this movie is great, and I suggest you watch it with an open mind, because it is not your average movie; hence why it is a cult classic. As I stated earlier this movie gets an A+.

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