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I want this blog to be movie reviews, but since I am broke college student, and can't go and spend money on a new release twice a week I am expanding these reviews to review a plethora of movies. Too many people don't watch a variety of movies. There is so much more out there than the average Hollywood blockbuster, even bad movies are better then big budget flicks only out there for the money. So I will explore the understated movies: classics, foreign films, notoriously bad movies that tried, and others, for those of you who want to expand your movie watching range. And I will try to make these posts not sound too pretentious and film snobby, because I don't know enough to justify being a know it all.

Sunday, November 14, 2010


     I was severly dissapointed in this movie. I feel like all of the funny parts of the movie were shown in the eight trailers there were out in the past couple of months. Now that I think about it, I should have expected that this movie would not be too entertaining because they advertised for it so much. It wasn't horrible, but it was not worth the insane movie ticket price I paid for. I saw it in 2D and I am very glad I didn't waster 14 dollars on 3D, because there was no use for it to be in 3D.
     Megamind is about a supervillian who shares the same name as the movie. Basically he finally defeats his arch enemy and realizes once he has it all that he misses fighting good, so he makes a new super hero. The idea is pretty original, and it could have been better, but I think the reason it wasn't up to it's full potential was that it tried to hard to be funny, and it just fell flat, and that is really sad because some extremely funny people were in this movie. Maybe since you can't improv with animated movies they were stuck with the crappy script and couldn't make it funny with their SNL charm. I will say that the romance between Megamind and Roxie was cute. All and all there is not much more to say except if you are bored you could watch this movie, but there are way better ways to spend your money. I give this movie a C.

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