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I want this blog to be movie reviews, but since I am broke college student, and can't go and spend money on a new release twice a week I am expanding these reviews to review a plethora of movies. Too many people don't watch a variety of movies. There is so much more out there than the average Hollywood blockbuster, even bad movies are better then big budget flicks only out there for the money. So I will explore the understated movies: classics, foreign films, notoriously bad movies that tried, and others, for those of you who want to expand your movie watching range. And I will try to make these posts not sound too pretentious and film snobby, because I don't know enough to justify being a know it all.

Sunday, November 28, 2010


     This is the story of Lenoard Zelig, a human chameleon. He is a psychology ill man who changes himself to become like others around him. A young psychologist named Eudora Fletcher cures him of his disease, and they fall in love and live hapilly ever after. This story sounds like a drama, but is actually a mockumentary directed by Woody Allen, who I think is insanely funny.
     I love Woody Allen's sense of humor; it is subtle, and most people do not appreciate it. I feel like a lot of people my age won't appreciate this movie because the humor is not in your face. You have to pay attention to what is said and I think that is the best kind of comedy. However, what I loved most about this movie was all the parts they inserted Woody Allen and Mia Farrow into old stock footage. This movie was made in 1983, but takes place in the 1920s. Allen used some high tech technology to put himself into old footage, and he result is hilarious. My personal favorite is the footage of Zelig in a Facist rally behind Hitler. The whole time I was thinking how they did that. I am sure they used green scene, and then for the other footage they must have digitally made it look old. I was just overly excited as a film nerd I guess.
     This story is funny and quirky and it has inspired me to make movies like it. I suggest that you all watch it and pay attention to the subtle comedy. It will be a nice change for once in comparison to in your face comedies like The Hangover and Forgetting Sarah Marshall. I am not saying they are bad moves, just the comedic styling is different, and we should all add some variety to our movie watching experience. I give this movie an A.

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